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About Us

A Lifestyle brand inspired by travel and fuelled by adventure which encourages people to take the path less travelled and follow their passions. 

We embrace creative freedom and want to share our enthusiasm for everything Surf, Travel, Adventures and 4x4 to keep you fired up for your next adventure.

We aim to redefine our future by putting Sustainability & Integrity at the core of our community and brand.


T.A.C. - Lost on Purpose 


 Hello, my name is Roxana Spataru 

Italian, based in UAE & Sri Lanka as a second home, with a natural passion for adventures, outdoor activities, and simple living.

I would never have imagined getting to where I am now in my life and seeing my greatest dreams come true.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been hiking, climbing, freediving, diving, surfing, and traveling.

Certified PADI

Certified Advanced Freediver

Experienced Hiker


Certified Travel Guide

Consider this page as a place to view stories and adventures dedicated to building a concept that supports getting people outside and into our natural environment.

Our History

The birth of T.A.C. at the beginning of 2019 is the culmination of our passion for Travel, Surf, Adventure, 4x4 vehicles, and the great outdoors as well as our desire to focus on international expansion.

Join us on future adventures & stay up to date on what's happening with us by signing up and become a member of this amazing travel & adventure community!


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