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Welcome to our Surfing School
in the Paradise Island of Sri Lanka

TAC Surfing
Managed by Dilip Kumara
*Professional Surfer
*Certified Pool Lifeguard

*Certified Deep Water Lifeguard 
*Certified Emergency First Aider, Defib & CPR
*Expert Swimmer

Located on Hikkaduwa Beach,

Southern Province of Sri Lanka our surfing school

is the perfect place to learn surfing.

Our certified Instructors are ready to introduce you in this amazing sport.

* Surfing Lessons for Adults & Kids

* Surfing Trips

* Surfing Camp

* Bodyboard

* Paddleboard

* Surfing gears rental

* Surfing Photography

* Content Creation 

Surf Lesson Structure

Below is our surf program at Travel Surf Adventure Hikkaduwa - Sri Lanka over a 5 days surf lesson package. Completing this surf lesson program you will able to not surf in Sri Lanka only but it will enable to go surfing all over the world. We are sure that you will gain a lot of awesome information about surfing,

we can’t wait to take you for a surf here in Hikkaduwa and introduce you to the awesome world of surfing.


You will be addicted!


Each lesson is 2 hours

  • First 10 minutes - Surf safety and theory.

  • Second 10 minutes - Beach practicals

  • Go surfing - 40 minutes.

  • Drink break - 10 minutes.

  • Back into the ocean for some more surfing - 40 minutes.

  • Last 10 minutes - Pack-up and return to the surf school.

  • Picture analysis

  • Finish

Keep smiling and lets go Surfing !

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