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Be Your Own Hero

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The Challenge - BeYourOwnHero is a new project inspired by people like you.

This Challenge means a lot to me, it will not be easy...because working with people,

with them preconception and fears it will never be easy but I took this challenge.

Why? I was always thinking to share my thoughts and experiences with others, since so many people messaging me and asking me a lot of questions regarding life or adventures.

I am not considering myself an example or an sociologist or psychologist, I am just a simple person who had started many years ago a hard road to find myself and my happiness.

And now I can say that I reached my happiness. And is not consisting in money or career. But is coming from little things and people, from my fully filled up soul with outdoor activities and crazy adventures.

Do you want to find yours?

Lately i observed more and more people unsatisfied with them lives, unhappy, people that does not appreciate anything good happening and does not appreciate others.

They are focusing only of negativity and blaming other, searching always to individuate mistakes, more than finding the positive and beautiful things in situations or people.

So from January 2020 I have started this challenge that I like to call Be Your Own Hero, sharing with you my thoughts, my opinions and little moments of my life, hoping this it will be useful for others, also pushing people to became more aware, with more appreciation for things and people, more kind, more positive, more adventurous, coming out of them comfort zone and the most important…to become them OWN HERO’s.


Feel Satisfied With Your Life & Create Beautiful Memories Along The Way

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2 commentaires

Sohaib Qaymah
Sohaib Qaymah
20 févr. 2020

Being part of this project was something great, lots of fun and new ideas mixed with different types of adventure


Was the most interesting and original experience since i have started outdoor activities. Keep going like this!

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